At Orka Bar we do delicious
differently, so you can enjoy the energy of life.

  • Protein packed.

    Every bar contains 15g of high-quality protein.

  • It’s all real.

    Real ingredients & no
    artificial flavors.

  • Keto friendly.

    A low-carb and gluten-free snack for any diet.

  • Easily digested.

    Ingredients that break down quickly without bloating.

The coolest, creamiest burst of energy in every bar.

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Orka Bars are cold and creamy, energizing the body with the perfect pick me up. It’s about time there was a healthy and indulgent refreshment to invigorate the day.

Who knew they would be made from egg whites?!

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Protein is the main building block for muscle growth. That’s why Orka Bars are packed with 15g of protein per bar.

Check out those macros!

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During exercise, glycogen levels drop.

Orka Bars are more easily digested than traditional protein bars, quickly replenishing your body and bringing you back to balance and bliss.

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Chase your dreams, we’ll feed them.

Find your flavor

Not sure what your favorite flavor will be? Try the Variety Pack and get all four flavors – Cookies ‘n’ Cream, Vanilla, Raspberry & Mint.

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