Born by the beach.

Stephen Longo is an Athlete and Certified Nutrition Coach that spent decades dedicated to health and wellness for the active lifestyle.

After years of difficulty digesting many traditional protein bars and shakes, he set out to explore alternatives through his nutritional research. Months of testing different concepts and ingredients eventually concluded one blistering hot summer day on the beach.

Orka Bars are a refreshingly cold and creamy, protein packed treat that is both indulgent and restorative. It’s egg white base makes it easy to digest, replenishing the body quickly with the nutrients it needs.

What’s in a name?

Orka means ‘energy’  in Icelandic. Iceland’s coastal fjords are home to one of the most majestic mammals on earth – the Orca Whale. Long recognized by many indigenous peoples as a symbol for strength, longevity and guidance, the Orca was said to be the “guardian of the ocean.”

As a brand born by the beach, we are drawn to the Orca and what it represents as we embark on our journey to advance the cold category with our revitalizing bars.

*Photo: An original drawing by the founder before Orca was "Orka."


Take back the day with protein that refreshes.

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